'Inside Out 2's' Paul Walter Hauser and Lewis Black compare their emotions as teens to their characters'


We're going back inside the mind of Riley for Inside Out 2, which premieres in theaters on Friday. In the Pixar sequel, Riley is now 13 years old and puberty introduces some new emotions, like Anxiety and Embarrassment, to her "old" emotions — Joy, Anger, Disgust, Fear and Sadness. Paul Walter Hauser is the voice of Embarrassment, though he tells ABC Audio it's not an emotion he spends a lot of time with.

"No, I probably should be more embarrassed by some of the stuff I've done and said. But yeah, I'm kind of a loud and proud extrovert who probably doesn't think through things enough to be embarrassed," he says.

As for which emotion was controlling him at 13, that's something Hauser would rather not discuss.

"I don't think I can say it on camera. You know, you're discovering a lot of 13," he jokes. "No, I think the desire of, like, hunger, sugar, sugar, and movies and sports. Just all about consumption. A little gluttonous monster of wanting fun at all times. Self amusement."

Lewis Black returns as the voice of Anger, telling ABC Audio that at 13 the thing most often controlling his brain was sarcasm.

"I could work a classroom, because I was, you know, to me it would be like it's starting to drag ... then all of a sudden someone would say something, there'd be a pause and I'd be, boom," he recalls. "And I think sarcasm comes from anger."

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