Ingrid Andress kicks off a new album cycle with her self-reflective new song, “Good Person”


It’s been just over two years since Ingrid Andress put out her Grammy-nominated debut album, Lady Like. Now, she’s back to kick off album two.

First up off the as-yet-unnamed new project is “Good Person,” a self-reflective song that explores what it means to be “good” -- and how to define “goodness” in ourselves and others.

“I wrote ‘Good Person’ when I was starting to question a lot of things,” Ingrid explains. “What makes somebody good and what does that look like, and in a world of being so judgmental of other people, what makes you better than them?”

Along with her new song, Ingrid put out a music video that contrasts footage of her dressed in black and waking up in a trash-strewn hotel room against more ethereal clips of her wearing white, against a backdrop of a blue sky.

“With the video, I really wanted to mesh these worlds of light and dark and highlight the parallels between the two,” the singer continues.

As she embarks on a busy summer, including a run as a support act on Keith Urban’s 2022 tour, Ingrid says she’s got big things in the works.

“Stay tuned fam. This is just the beginning,” Ingrid hints.

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