"I will not tolerate it": Charli XCX tells fans to stop chanting "Taylor is dead"

Harley Weir

Charli XCX fans seem to have a complicated relationship with Taylor Swift — and Charli's not happy about it.

On Instagram on Sunday, Charli reposted a video of fans at her concert in São Paulo, Brazil. The video seemingly shows fans chanting, "A Taylor morreu!" which is Portuguese for "Taylor is dead!" The fan who created the video wrote to Charli, "Your brazilian fans have been showing toxic behavior by screaming 'Taylor is dead!' at your concerts and events related to you."

Charli wrote on the video, "can the people who do this please stop. online or at my shows. it is the opposite of what i want and it disturbs me that anyone would think there is room for this in this community. i will not tolerate it."

Why would Charli fans come for Taylor in the first place? Many believe one of Charli's new songs, "Sympathy is a knife," is about Taylor. Charli is engaged to George Daniel, the drummer of The 1975. Taylor briefly dated 1975 singer Matty Healy, which Charli evidently wasn't happy about at the time.

In the song, Charli sings, "Don’t wanna see her backstage at my boyfriend’s show/ Fingers crossed behind my back, I hope they break up/ Couldn't even be her if I tried."

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