"I didn't kill her!" Jake Gyllenhaal stars in trailer to Apple TV+'s limited series 'Presumed Innocent'

Apple TV+

Apple TV+ has dropped the first trailer to its limited series Presumed Innocent, and things aren't looking good for Jake Gyllenhaal's character.

The legal drama from L.A. Law and The Practice Emmy winner David E. Kelley and Lost's J.J. Abrams is based on Scott Turow’s bestselling 1987 novel and the 1990 Harrison Ford blockbuster of the same name.

Gyllenhaal succeeds Ford in the role of Rusty Sabich, a prosecutor who is accused of the brutal murder of an associate with whom he had an affair. Renate Reinsve plays the victim, Carolyn, who was played by Greta Scacchi in the original.

This time around, Ruth Negga plays Rusty's beleaguered wife Barbara, Bonnie Bedelia's role in the hit film, and like her, she has to grapple with not only that her husband strayed, but that basically everyone — including a prosecutor played by Gyllenhaal's real-life brother-in-law Peter Sarsgaard — thinks he did it.

There's DNA evidence, and unlike the 1990 original, a digital footprint a mile long. "You know the night she was killed, he texted her 30 times?" Barbara laments.

"I was basically stalking her," Rusty admits.

The embattled prosecutor later insists, "I am not a liar," to which he quickly adds, "I lied about the affair, but I didn't kill her."

Apple TV+ will debut its series about "obsession, sex, politics, and the power and limits of love" on June 12.

Considering its shocking twist ending, the less you know about the original, the better.

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