Highly Suspect teases summer release for next album

Mariano Regidor/Redferns

We highly suspect that Highly Suspect is prepping new music.

The "My Name Is Human" rockers have shared a video teaser featuring a clip over a motorcycle rider as a guitar riff plays in the background. It ends with the phrase "New album summer 24" flashing across the screen.

In the accompanying caption, Highly Suspect simply writes, "Ready."

Highly Suspect's most recent album is 2022's The Midnight Demon Club, which at least one member apparently isn't too fond of. In a recent social media post, front man Johnny Stevens wrote, "Midnight Demon Club was trash. I'm sorry it happened. Get ready. Had to go through some s*** to be able to write some s***."

"There are always songs on our albums I adore [and] songs that make me want to vomit," Stevens added. "MDC has the highest concentrated number of the vomit for me."

As for the next Highly Suspect album, Stevens said, "not a single song is wrong."

"They are all my favorite," he wrote. "It is correct. It is time. I'll let the music say the rest."

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