As 'Heart In Motion' turns 30, Amy Grant's "Baby Baby" baby is having a baby

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Amy Grant has just released a 30th anniversary edition of her 1991 album Heart In Motion, which produced five smash hits, sold five million copies and was nominated for the Album of the Year Grammy.  Amy says she has nothing but good memories of the album, and her time as a chart-topping pop star.

"Everything about that project is just...full of joy and kindness and it's been so much fun to revisit," she tells ABC Audio. "Here's the crazy thing about this record: It was totally out of print! It was fun to go back and make it available in all formats -- except cassette and eight track!"

Heart In Motion featured the songs "That's What Love Is For," "Good for Me," "Every Heartbeat," "I Will Remember You" and, of course, the #1 hit "Baby Baby."  Amy says it's now become a full-circle moment for her.

"'Baby Baby' was inspired by [my daughter] Millie," Amy tells ABC Audio. "I was pregnant with her when I was writing a lot of that record...she was one when the record came out, and then we toured and she was learning to walk." 

And on the Fourth of July, Amy reveals, "[Millie] told the whole family she is expecting a baby girl. So 30 years later, she's now the age I was when I made that record. You just can't script that!"

Another thing that makes Amy realize just how long it's been since Heart In Motion came out is where she recently unexpectedly encountered Jme [Jamie] Stein, her co-star in the "Baby Baby" and "Good for Me" videos.

"I saw him on a Viagra commercial," Amy laughs. "And I went, 'My, how time flies!'"

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