Harry Styles' 15 sold-out nights at Madison Square Garden ends with banner-raising

Rich Fury/MSG Entertainment

Wednesday night marked the end of Harry Styles' sold-out 15-show run at New York's Madison Square Garden, and in celebration of the achievement, a banner was raised to the rafters of the 'World's Most Famous Arena.'

The banner, which reads "Harry Styles: 15 Consecutive Nights at the Garden," was presented to Harry by Gayle King during the encore of the show, while every fan in the audience received a feather boa -- one of Harry's signature accessories.

As the fans cheered wildly, a slightly hoarse Harry exclaimed, "Any time that you come to Madison Square Garden and you see that, you remember it's because of you -- that is ours! Thank you so, so much! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Only two other music-related banners hang from the rafters of Madison Square Garden: one for Billy Joel, marking his 50th consecutive show at the venue in 2018, and one for the band Phish, who played 13 consecutive nights there in 2017.

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