Halsey teases new song, "Lucky," walks red carpet at 'MaXXXine' premiere

Araya Doheny/FilmMagic

Following the release of her emotional song "The End," Halsey is offering a preview of another track on her upcoming album.

Called "Lucky," the upbeat tune features Halsey singing about someone — possibly herself — who cares too much about what others think. "Everybody get in line to meet the girl who flew too high/ Who does it all just to be liked/ by strangers that she met online," she sings in a snippet posted on social media.

"Did it all to be included/ My self-loathings's so deep-rooted/ Inner child unrecruited/ Truth is I'm not suited for it."

The visuals feature Halsey wearing a Y2K look: bright pink wig, turquoise midriff top, tiny shorts and blue eyeshadow. She's also seen using a retro flip phone and Walkman-style earphones.

There's no word on when the song will arrive.

Meanwhile, Halsey walked a red carpet for the first time since revealing her lupus diagnosis: the premiere of her new film, MaXXXine, in Hollywood on Monday. Halsey wore an extremely revealing two-piece gold dress and big hair for the event.

Halsey plays a character named Tabby in the movie, which stars Mia Goth as the titular character: an adult film star who gets her big break at the same time a killer is stalking Hollywood starlets. It's the third installment in the franchise, preceded by X and Pearl. The movie is out July 5.

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