Gojira, not Gorillaz, was a clue on 'Jeopardy!'

Medios y Media/Getty Images

It's a time-honored tradition for contestants to mix up musicians on Jeopardy!, and that continued with the latest episode of the long-running quiz show.

The category was Pop Culture Dragons, and the $1200 clue read, "'Where Dragons Dwell' is a swell song from this band, that took its name from the Japanese word for 'Godzilla.'" A contestant named Suresh buzzed in with "What is Gorillaz?", confusing Damon Albarn's cartoon band for the French metal outfit Gojira. After Suresh got a "No, I'm sorry" from host Ken Jennings, another player, Matthew, buzzed in with the correct response.

Gojira posted the clip on their Instagram along with the caption, "Thank you @Jeopardy for highlighting this deep cut."

"Officially the longest uninterrupted double bass section in our entire catalogue," Gojira adds of "Where Dragons Dwell," a cut off their 2005 album, From Mars to Sirius.

Past Jeopardy! mix-ups include contestants confusing Arcade Fire for Nickelback and Eminem for Jack White.

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