Five-year-old killed in drive-by shooting in Houston, 8-year-old wounded

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(HOUSTON) -- A 5-year-old child was killed in a drive-by shooting Sunday that also injured an 8-year-old in a Houston neighborhood, Houston Police said.

Police received several phone calls around 1 a.m., saying there was a shooting in the city's Greenspoint area, but when they arrived, they didn't find anything, Asst. Chief Chandra Hatcher told reporters early Sunday.

About 15 minutes later, officers got word that two children arrived at an area hospital with gunshot wounds. The 8-year-old child is expected to fully recover from their injuries, Hatcher said.

Both children were reportedly in a car at a stop sign when a person in another vehicle began shooting, witnesses told authorities. Their mother, Kristena Watters, reportedly drove them to the hospital.

“The police have their duty to protect and serve the country. As a mom I have a duty to protect and serve my kids,” Watters said at a Houston Police Department press conference on Wednesday.

Houston law enforcement officials identified the 5-year-old, who was fatally struck, as Khamaya Dior Donelson.

“I have a little boy to live for. But every time I look at him, I feel like I failed him and that's the worst pain for a mom to have to feel,” Watters said. “Knowing it's not my fault but feeling like I could have did something.”

Police are investigating the incident and looking at footage from surveillance cameras to aid in the investigation. A suspect is not in custody, police said.

Authorities are unsure if the two children were the intended targets.

"We do not know a motive," Hatcher said.

Police described the suspect's vehicle as dark-colored and added that there may have been two people in it.

"If anyone knows information, please come forward and please continue to pray for the family of the deceased child and the injured 8-year-old," Hatcher said.

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