Fellow composer/rocker Bear McCreary's "excited" to hear a score-influenced NIN album

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have won Oscars for their scoring work, but in case that isn't enough validation for the Nine Inch Nails duo, fellow award-winning film composer Bear McCreary is also a fan.

McCreary, who's written music for projects including Battlestar Galactica and The Walking Dead, tells ABC Audio he can see the connection between NIN and Reznor and Ross' scores.

"You're using the skill set that you need to score a film," McCreary explains. "You're using computers, you're creating sequences, you're creating demos. You're ready for a filmmaker to talk with you."

"When I saw Soulor The Social Network, I'm listening to the synth work and it's like, 'Man, that's the Nine Inch Nails team!'" he adds. "That sounds amazing."

As a composer/rocker himself — he released his debut rock record, The Singularity, in May — McCreary understands personally how the two are connected. No matter what kind of music you're making, McCreary says, the key is creating something that resonates emotionally.

"I won't cite the chorus of 'Closer,'" McCreary smiles. "But it's like, you hear that song and you're like, 'I am feeling that.' That emotion is so raw and right there, it's such brilliant songwriting."

"That's what film needs," he continues. "That's what you need to score film, you gotta be able to make me feel something in two seconds, so when I see an image and I hear the notes you're putting together, it all clicks into place."

Reznor and Ross, whose most recent score is the rave-influenced Challengers, recently shared in a GQ interview that their composing projects have helped inspire ideas for a new NIN album.

"I'm excited to hear a Nine Inch Nails record with the experience from all these films and shows that they've been doing," McCreary says. 

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