Fatherhood's given Sam Hunt a sense of purpose

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Sam Hunt may be a music superstar, but nothing gives him greater purpose than being a dad.

"I think what I have enjoyed most about fatherhood is the sense of purpose," Sam says. "It’s deep, and it’s something I couldn’t have imagined until I experienced it. It gives so much meaning to all that I’m doing in life."

"All the little mundane things that I might have done by myself before having kids now have all this weight and meaning when I do them with my children," he reflects.

"I’ve got my little girl [Lucy Louise] who’s coming up on 2 years old, who is growing and changing every day, and I’m having a lot of fun with her. I had my first son [Lowry Lee] just a few months ago, who is growing fast and a lot of fun," adds Sam.

Sam's currently in the top 20 of the country charts with "Outskirts."

For tickets to his ongoing Outskirts Tour, visit samhunt.com.

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