Fans blast Piers Morgan for making "misogynistic" comments about Madonna

Courtesy Live Nation

Piers Morgan found himself in hot water again because fans say he needlessly maligned Madonna.

Morgan, a British TV host, made the allegedly disparaging comments Wednesday on his show Piers Morgan Uncensored, reports The Independent. Fans evidently took issue with him calling the 64-year-old singer a "hot mess" who needed to be "put out to pasture."

He also slammed the sultry way Madonna unveiled her Celebration Tour because he thinks she's too old for "the whole sex kitten thing." He added, "I think she's become the most grotesque, train-wreck embarrassment in the history of world entertainment."

He reflected similar sentiments in a tweet before the show aired.

Fans are none too happy with Morgan and are dragging him on social media. While some have condemned his remarks as misogynistic and accused him of not using the same language to describe older male artists, others are demanding he apologize to Madonna. 

Neither Madonna nor Morgan have commented further on the controversy.

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