Eric Church and Tracy Chapman contribute songs to Luke Combs' 'Gettin Old''


The track list is finally out for Luke Combs' 18-song Gettin' Old.

It includes the title track "Growin' Up and Gettin' Old," which came out January 27, as well as "Love You Anyway," which arrives Friday. 

He's previously shared "Tattoo on a Sunburn" on his socials, and "5 Leaf Clover" is a fan favorite. Perhaps most unexpected is his cover of Tracy Chapman's bluesy folk classic "Fast Car," a top 10 pop hit from 1988. Eric Church co-wrote "My Song Will Never Die."

Here's the full song rundown for Luke Combs' Gettin' Old, which arrives March 24: 

"Growin' Up and Gettin' Old"
"Hannah Ford Road"
"Back 40 Back"
"You Found Yours"
"The Beer, the Band and the Barstool"
"See Me How"
"A Song Was Born"
"My Song Will Never Die"
"Where the Wild Things Are"
"Love You Anyway"
"Take You With Me"
"Fast Car"
"Tattoo on a Sunburn"
"5 Leaf Clover"
"Fox in the Henhouse"
"The Part" 

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