Don't hook up: 'Don't Look Up' emergency number actually connected viewers to naughty hotline


(NOTE NATURE) Viewers of Adam McKay's dark comedy Don't Look Up, streaming now on Netflix, discovered an X-rated Easter egg after dialing a number suggested by Leonardo DiCaprio's character, astronomer Randall Mindy, to relieve stress caused by a "planet-killer" asteroid hurtling towards Earth.

The number, 1-800-532-4500, connects to a sex hotline.

The PSA in the film features DiCaprio’s Mindy acting as a figurehead for the White House and their partners at the made-up telecommunications giant BASH Cellular.

“Am I the only one that called the FEMA/Bash hotline and got a phone sex operator?” tweeted one viewer.

“Called the 800 number they used in Don’t Look Up. It’s a phone sex chat service. LMAO, good prank,” added another.

Don’t Look Up also stars Meryl StreepJennifer LawrenceTimothée ChalametCate BlanchettMark RylanceJonah HillAriana GrandeKid Cudi and Tyler Perry.

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