Crocodile bites man swimming to shore after boat capsizes in Florida Everglades

Lea McQuillan / 500px/Getty Images

(NEW YORK) -- A 68-year-old man was bitten by a crocodile after his boat capsized in the Florida Everglades and he tried to swim to shore while his boat was sinking.

The incident occurred on Sunday at approximately 4:43 p.m. when National Park Service rangers responded to the Flamingo Marina in Everglades National Park in response to an apparent crocodile bite.

“A 68-year-old male reportedly capsized his recreational sailboat in the marina basin and was attempting to swim to shore with his boat when he was observed going under water,” the National Park Service (NPS) said in a statement detailing the incident on Monday. “Park rangers in the area responded immediately to the report and treated the man for a laceration on his leg.”

The unnamed victim was immediately taken to the hospital by Miami Dade Fire and Rescue and was listed in stable condition.

Rangers and park biologists say they are continuing to investigate the incident and are now monitoring the suspected crocodile, which they say is easily identifiable.

“The National Park Service is coordinating closely with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to evaluate the situation and follow the American Crocodile-Human Interaction Response Plan,” NPS said.

The American crocodile is a federally threatened species which closely resembles the American alligator.

“While the park is a safe place to visit, we remind visitors to stay alert and exercise caution, especially around wildlife,” officials warned following the crocodile attack. “Swimming or wading is prohibited in all canals, ponds, freshwater lakes, marked channels and boat basins in Everglades National Park.”

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