Collective Soul announces new double album, 'Here to Eternity'

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Collective Soul is collecting a lot of music for their next record.

The "Shine" rockers have announced a new double album called Here to Eternity. The 20-track effort will arrive on May 17 and will help celebrate Collective Soul's 30th anniversary.

"As a kid determined that rock n' roll was my life, I dreamed of making a double album, well here you go!" says vocalist Ed Roland. "Here to Eternity recorded at Elvis' estate in Palm Springs, [California]. Wow, Wow, and Wow. 20 songs that truly show the personality of this band and our musical journey!"

"This recording is not the pinnacle of the band, but it's the best one yet!" Roland adds. "Shouldn't we all feel the next day as our best? Well enjoy our best till the next one."

Here to Eternity is the follow-up to 2022's Vibrating. Collective Soul will launch a U.S. tour with Hootie & the Blowfish and Edwin McCain in May.

Here's the Here to Eternity track list:

"Mother's Love"
"Bluer Than So Blue"
"Let It Flow"
"Not the Same"
"Bob Dylan (Where Are You Today)"
"Hey Man"
"Kick It"
"Matter of Fact"
"Sister and Mary"
"Be the One"
"Keep It on Track"
"Who Loves"
"La Dee Da"
"Bring on the Day"
"Words Away"
"No Man's Land"
"Letter from E"
"I Know You, You Know Me"
"Over and Out"

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