Ciara teases her Father's Day plans for "incredible father" and hubby Russell Wilson

Photo: West2East Empire

Grammy-winning singer Ciara says she definitely has her "plans together" for this year's Father's Day, where she -- along with her three adorable children, FutureSienna and Win -- will celebrate proud papa Russell Wilson.

During an interview to promote her partnership with All Good Diapers and their initiative to donate up to 10 million diapers to babies, Ciara tells ABC Audio that she definitely felt "the pressure" to make this Sunday extra special.

"Everyone's putting the pressure on to just make this day something crazy," Ciara laughs, later noting that planning things for her husband is "sometimes... a little tricky."

"You got three kids, and you got work, and you're, like, trying to think of the best idea," she shares. "And just thinking sometimes takes time."

Thankfully, Ciara's going into Sunday well-prepared, adding that she already has her Father's Day "plans together." 

"So I feel good about that, and I can check it off of my list," Ciara says. 

"Because I will say Russ always does it really nice for me," she points out, alluding to past Mother's Days.

However, even with a highly set bar, courtesy of her generous husband, Ciara says her main goal for this national daddy appreciation day is to just make hubby Russ feel loved.

"I think it's just important for him to feel the love that he makes me feel," she says. "And he's an incredible father...and every day should be Father's Day."

"And I hope that he likes it," she adds with a smile.

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