The Charleston staple that makes it Christmas for Darius Rucker

ABC/Connie Chornuk

As lots of us get ready to enjoy the holiday staples, there's one food that officially makes it Christmas for Charleston native Darius Rucker

"We have it during the year, too," he says. "But at Christmas, we always have okra soup ... It's my favorite thing and it was just something that the family, you know, we always loved it, and you can make a whole bunch of it and everybody can eat. So okra soup was always our big thing."

But the South Carolinian likely won't be at home this holiday to enjoy what he calls his favorite meal.

"I think we're going to Miami this year," Darius reveals. "The Dolphins are playing the Packers, and my son's a Packers fan and they're playing on Christmas Day. So I think we're actually gonna go down to Florida and spend Christmas down there."

Look for Darius' new album, Carolyn's Boy — named for his beloved mother — to be released in the new year.

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