'Captain America 4', starring Anthony Mackie, gets director in 'The Cloverfield Paradox''s Julius Onah

Marvel Studios

Julius Onah, the Nigerian-born director of 2018's hit The Cloverfield Paradox, has been handed the reins to the next Captain America movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Marvel Studios is characteristically mum at this point, but the trade says he's the man that will get Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson to take flight in his first big-screen mission as Captain America.

As previously reported, the project is being written by Malcolm Spellman, who created, co-wrote, and produced the hit Disney+ show The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Another vet from the show's writers' room, Dalan Musson, is co-writing the screenplay.

The Emmy-nominated series picked up where Avengers: Endgame left off: After Chris Evans' Steve Rogers passed the shield and Cap mantle to Wilson, the series showed him grappling with what it means for a Black man in America to take up the stars and stripes on his vibranium shield.

The show ended with him embracing the title and vowing to do what he could to honor it.

There's no word yet when the fourth Captain America is coming to theaters, but it's expected Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige could reveal it at San Diego Comic-Con later this month.

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