Bring Me to Gear: Evanescence launching Reverb shop


Evanescence is selling various pieces of personal gear through their own Reverb shop.

Among the items available is a keyboard played live by frontwoman Amy Lee and a Fractal Axe II preamp/effects processor, which guitarist Troy McLawhorn used while recording Evanescence's 2017 Synthesis album and during its accompanying tour.

"They were great for realizing the vision that we had for that record and tour," McLawhorn says. "I didn't want the guitars to really sound too much like a guitar. I used a lot of effects and the processing power of the Axe FX II was perfect for that. The Axe FX II was the most current version at the time. I really wanted the guitar to sound more like a synthesizer than a guitar through an amp."

The Evanescence Reverb shop launches June 5. For more info, visit

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