Billie Eilish is throwing it back to SoundCloud for new album 'HIT ME HARD AND SOFT'

Courtesy SoundCloud

Billie Eilish's new album, HIT ME HARD AND SOFT, is out now, and to promote it, she's doing a takeover of the platform that she says is "the only reason I'm anything, 100%": SoundCloud.

Billie was discovered on SoundCloud in 2015 when she uploaded her song "Ocean Eyes" and it racked up 10,000 plays in a few hours. Two years later, she had a record deal. She's now teamed up with SoundCloud to pay tribute to the fans who've been with her since day one. 

There's a special landing page that features a new logo designed by Billie, with her name replacing the name SoundCloud. There are also user profile photos of Billie's "first fans" on the platform, and a timeline charting her career from 2015 to her current superstar status.

Plus, HIT ME HARD AND SOFT is fully available to all SoundCloud users, instead of just the ones with paid subscriptions, which is how it usually works.

Billie previewed the new album, her third, at a special in-person fan listening event at New York's Barclays Center Thursday. There will also be a listening event at AMC movie theaters across the country Friday.

Speaking to Rolling Stone about HIT ME HARD AND SOFT, Billie said, “I feel like this album is me. It’s not a character ... it feels like my youth and who I was as a kid."

She added, "This whole process has felt like I’m coming back to the girl that I was. I’ve been grieving her. I’ve been looking for her in everything, and it’s almost like she got drowned by the world and the media. I don’t remember when she went away.”

Here's the HIT ME HARD AND SOFT track list:


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