Bad Omens cancel tour dates due to "extreme burnout": "We ask that you respect our choice to put health first"

Bad Omens have canceled their upcoming European tour due to frontman Noah Sebastian dealing with "what can only be described as extreme burnout."

"While all the touring and work that we've put into this album cycle [for 2022's The Death of Peace of Mind] the last several years has been so gratifying and rewarding, it has also pushed me to the limits of my mental bandwidth," Sebastian writes in an Instagram Story, adding that he's been "putting my mind and body in conflict with one another in ways that are becoming detrimental to my health on the road."

Sebastian continues that the decision to cancel the tour "is in the best interest of my health and wellbeing, and of the long term sustainability of Bad Omens."

"We need to protect and restore all of the energy that will be demanded of us again soon as we transition into the next chapter," Sebastian concludes. "We know that this will be disappointing, but we ask that you respect our choice to put health first."

The affected dates include Bad Omens' set at England's Download Festival.

Bad Omens are still set to play at the upcoming Upheaval and Inkcarceration U.S. festivals in July. They're releasing a new project, Concrete Jungle [The OST], on May 31, described as an "an experimental extension" of The Death of Peace of Mind.

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