Back for more cheap thrills: Sean Paul & Sia reunite for "Dynamite"

Courtesy of Island Records

Five years ago, Sia scored her first U.S. number-one hit with "Cheap Thrills," her collaboration with Sean Paul. Now, the two have reunited for a new single, "Dynamite" -- and Sean Paul says working with Sia again was "magic."

Sean Paul says he always knew he and Sia would do something else together, but he tells ABC Audio that it took them this long because it needed to be the right song.  Sean says he had the initial idea and rhythm for the track, but Sia took it to the next level.

"It was like the bones of the song, and she kind of added the soup!" he laughs. "She got it cooking. When she wrote that hook, I was like 'Ohhh!!!' But again, with her voice, you know, everything she sings [is great]."

He adds, "But for me, it was just magic."

Sean says he's looking forward to the video for the song, due out in a few weeks, which will show his hometown of Kingston, Jamaica, "in the future."  "There's cars flying and there's big buildings, a lot of crazy stuff!" he says, laughing.

For now, though, Sean is just satisfied to be able to release "a very feel-good song, something to get people on the dance floor and to just sort of forget about the worries that's all in the Earth right now."

"I think that's what my music is and has been for people over the years," he explains. "You know, there's problems every day...You see it on news every day. I like to tell people that whenever there's anything wrong with my life, there's always one song that'll get me in a better mood. And so I'm happy to be able to provide people with that type of music, especially this one."

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