Ashley McBryde invites us into her "Kitchen" for taste of new album


Ashley McBryde's leaving a light on for us this Friday.

The recent Grammy winner confirmed on her socials she's dropping a new track this week.

"You know me, as soon as we put out new music... first thing I want to do is put out more new music," Ashley shared on Instagram. "I can, I am, I will. Love youuuu. 'Light On In The Kitchen' is out Friday!"

Earlier, she teased the tune in a post that includes a recording of a phone conversation with her mother, as well as a short snippet of the song.

"I’m noticing now how big a difference such seemingly small comforts have made in my life," Ashley reflected. "Things as simple as 'Sure, Honey' from a voice I need to hear it from, or just walking into the kitchen for a drink in the middle of the night. How comforting that warm glow has always been... Leave a light on y’all. Big hugs."

The new music is likely the first taste of Ashley's forthcoming third album. Her most recent record, Never Will, came out in April of 2020, followed by last September's collaborative Ashley McBryde Presents: Lindeville project.

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