Amid "creative hibernation," 311 looking forward to getting "organized" with new music

ABC Audio

You probably shouldn't expect new 311 music to arrive very soon. Or, should we say, bear-y soon?

Speaking with ABC Audio, frontman Nick Hexum shares that the "Down" rockers have been "in a bit of a creative hibernation lately." Still, that doesn't mean ideas aren't flowing.

"For me, I'll just speak for myself, when you stop writing for a little bit, it's almost like there's a geyser under the ground of pressure that's building up," Hexum says.

"The wheels are always turning, and getting down little ideas here and there," he adds. "Then at some point in the future, we'll get together and get organized."

311's most recent album is 2019's Voyager. And while we're waiting on a follow-up, Hexum and company have been busy on the road and will wrap up their current fall U.S. tour November 12 in Los Angeles. They're also preparing for the 2023 edition of their annual 311 Day celebration, which, for the first time, will take place on a concert cruise.

While exact plans for their 311 Day performances are still in the works, vocalist/turntablist Doug "SA" Martinez anticipates "fans will be expecting deep cuts."

"We haven't put together a set for that, but that'll happen, and it'll be a banger like it always is," Martinez declares.

As for whether attendees can expect a particularly nautically themed show, Martinez jokes, "Every time we mention water [in a song], we're definitely putting that in."

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