AJR salutes the finale of their 'OK ORCHESTRA' era

AJR Productions.

The curtain has finally fallen on AJR's fourth studio album, OK ORCHESTRA. The trio saluted their latest studio work after finishing the last stop of their OK ORCHESTRA Tour on Thursday night.

Taking to Instagram, the brothers shared some highlights, and behind-the-scenes photos and videos of their latest music era while also sharing a heartfelt note to their fans.

"Last night we played the final show of the OKO Tour. It’s officially the end of the OK ORCHESTRA era," they said. "After playing for over 350,000 of you all around the world, we figured out what made these last 2 years so special. It felt like this one album became the book ends of our world being turned upside down with COVID, to the joy of experiencing life and music together again."

The note continued, "You embraced a weird, theatrical, instrumorphy record in a way we could never have dreamed of and want to say thank you."

"Thank you for proving that 'the album' as an art form still maybe means something. That you guys want to get lost in the worlds we make up. Going home now. Let’s do this forever pls," the sentimental note closed.

OK ORCHESTRA was released March 26, 2021, and spawned the hits "Way Less Sad," "Bang!" and "World's Smallest Violin."

Speaking of the latter song, it has blown up on TikTok to show people's positive progression or reflect on their past viral videos. AJR finally jumped on the "World's Smallest Violin" trend and shared their version to TikTok

The brothers have already begun teasing their next music era by confirming they are working on their fifth studio album and have new music coming soon.

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