From Adonis Creed, to Killmonger, to John Kelly: Michael B. Jordan discusses "tailoring" his body to fit his roles

Courtesy of Amazon Studios

Michael B. Jordan prides himself on his ability to transform into every character he takes on. That's why it's no surprise that the Black Panther star says he also specifically sculpts his body to each role.

"Well, one thing that we've always tried to do, me and my trainer Corey Calliet, we always try to tailor my physique to the role," Jordan tells ABC Audio. "We didn't want just one generic look for everything."

"So when I do Creed, I kind of get into a boxer's physique," he continues. "When I got an opportunity to do Black Panther, it was more of a military physique."

However, for his latest film, the action-thriller Without Remorse, Jordan, who plays John Kelly, a US Navy SEAL set on revenge, says he and his trainer "tried to do something different."

"I don't really know how to describe it other than that," he laughs. "But [you're] definitely going to see a different body that fits the character [of] John Kelly. And I think that's the fun part of this job -- to kind of craft different looks for the role. And... always... have a different goal, you know?"

Of course, Jordan says if he gets "a chance to revisit some of these characters" again, they can easily "go back into that blueprint."

Ahead of his film's release, Jordan notes that Without Remorse, produced through his Outlier Society production company, is extra special to him. Aside from playing the iconic Tom Clancy character, Jordan says he's just really "excited" to see his hard work pay off.

"Incredible studio, incredible cast, the story's really good, great director," he says. "It's my baby. And hopefully people will like it as much as I did."

Without Remorse, also starring Lauren London and Jodie Turner-Smith, premieres Friday on Amazon.

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