Jordan Peele's final 'Nope' trailer reveals laughs amid danger from the sky

Universal Pictures

Oscar-winning Get Out writer-director Jordan Peele's upcoming thriller, Nope, has been shrouded in mystery, but a final trailer shows the plot taking shape.

Jordan's Get Out star Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer play a brother and sister who are left to pick up the pieces after their rancher father dies suddenly. However, he can't help but shake the feeling that something killed their dad -- and it has something to do with the creepy clouds that play above their homestead and the apparent alien spaceship he swears he saw.

Together, the pair set up a scheme to finally catch an alien on camera -- or, as teased by Steven Yuen's showboating cowboy entertainer, perhaps to physically catch one to show off to a paying crowd.

However, as with all of Jordan's thrillers, it's likely there's much more to the project than what appears. Moviegoers will have to see for themselves July 22.

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